Geotest - About Us




Geotest is established and Incorporated in the state of South Australia and is currently the largest  CQA/CQC and Independent Testing Company operating in Australasia, specializing in providing assurance for all purpose geomembrane installations.


Geotest employs GSI certified GCI-ICP Inspectors and offers a Level 1 & 2 service working along with geomembrane installation companies, consulting engineers and principals providing services to assist with performance of installed geomembranes, with auditing of materials, advice on long term performance issues, inspection and electrical survey testing of geomembranes post installation throughout Australia.  

Geotest services include Level 1 & 2 Independent Third Party CQA; Electrical Integrity Surveying; Design & Design Review; Auditing and Reporting; Site Inspection of Installations; advice on the long term performance of installations; Inspection and Testing of geomembranes post installation throughout Australia. 


Geotest employs the latest in testing technologies sourced from both the US and Europe to provide a world class leak detection service. With our in-house research and development program,

Electrical Leak Location Surveying

With more than 20 years’ experience in the design and installation of geomembranes throughout Australia, Geotest is in the unique position as a CQC/CQA provider to have a complete understanding

Construction Quality Assurance

Geotest is able to design floating covers and liners for potable water applications, anaerobic digesters, Co-gen systems, waste water ponds, irrigation dams, channels, tunnel linings etc.


As an approved IAGI proctor for certification of welding technicians Geotest understands the welding techniques and their parameters, giving greater assurances to our clients of a successful installation.

Training & IAGI Certification

Approved IAGI proctor for certification of welding technicians.


Training in welding of all geomembrane material type.s..

GPS Dipole Testing for Landfill Survey

The newest testing innovation developed by Geotest’s in-house Research and Development Program is the GPS Dipole Testing Unit that complies with ASTM D7007. The unit has been under test for the last 18 months and is now ready for commercial applications.