Geosynthetic Construction Quality Assurance (CQA)

With over 150 years of combined hands-on experience in the design and installation of geomembranes, Geotest has unrivalled Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) expertise.  Unlike most geomembrane CQA companies, Geotest provides end to end geomembrane solutions, so our team has a unique and comprehensive understanding of all the potential issues with geosynthetics manufacture and installation, as well as the onsite challenges faced by fabrication and installation companies.

Level 1 CQA Services for Geomembranes

Geotest is the largest Level 1 Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) service provider in Australasia.  We specialise in Compacted Clay Liners (CCLs) and geosynthetic materials including Geomembranes, Geotextiles, Geonet, Geocomposite Clay Liners (GCLs).

GCI-ICP Certified (Geosynthetic Certification Institute)

Our experienced inspectors and project managers are fully trained in all aspects of construction quality assurance and certified to the internationally recognised Geosynthetic Certification Institute Inspectors Certification Program.

Installation Integrity – Rigorous CQA For Geomembranes

Our rigorous attention to detail, material sampling, testing and site supervision has been proven to dramatically decrease geomembrane defects, reduce the risk of failure and enhance the service life of the geo liner.  This is why we are the preferred CQA provider for the major players in the mining, industrial, power generation, water storage and waste management industries.

CQA (Construction Quality Assurance) Services

Geotest’s construction quality assurance services encompass a comprehensive range of services to ensure that the intended materials and installation procedures not only adhere to industry standards but also align with regulatory requirements. We partner with owners, permitting agencies and geomembrane contractors to ensure that your construction processes are optimised, minimising risks and maximising the success of your projects.

CQA (Construction Quality Assurance) Services

Work Method Statements (WMS) & Inspection Test Plans (ITPS)

Geotest can review work method statements (WMS) & test plans (ITPs) to ensure that the intended procedures adhere to standards.

CQA (Construction Quality Assurance) Services

Materials Compliance

Review manufacturers quality assurance data to ensure that the material supplied complies with the specifications.

CQA (Construction Quality Assurance) Services

Geosynthetic Testing

Our team can take random samples from the geosynthetic material (as specified in the specifications) and have it tested by an independent lab to verify the physical, mechanical & chemical properties of the material.

CQA (Construction Quality Assurance) Services

Geomembrane Material Inspections

Conduct routine inspections to assess handling, storage and damage of materials. Non-conforming materials shall be quarantined as per the specifications.

CQA (Construction Quality Assurance) Services

Ongoing Monitoring

Attend scheduled meetings to discuss progress, planned activities, conflict resolution, and revision to proposed works.

CQA (Construction Quality Assurance) Services

Technical Assistance

Provide technical advice on installation issues, RFI’s, TQ’s and NCR’s that may be encountered during the installation process.

CQA (Construction Quality Assurance) Services

Weld Sampling

Selection of weld samples for destructive testing at intervals specified in the project specifications and having it tested at either Geotest’s testing lab or an independent lab as requested by the client.

CQA (Construction Quality Assurance) Services

Daily Reporting

Provide daily reports with photos depicting installation works, non-conformances and clear work progressions.

CQA (Construction Quality Assurance) Services


Maintain a presence and monitoring in the field at all times.

CQA (Construction Quality Assurance) Services

Geo Liner Defect Inspections

Complete inspections of finished areas for defects and prepare a punch list if required.

CQA (Construction Quality Assurance) Services


Review contractors Construction Quality Control documents and verify them with field information and technical specifications to ensure the information is correct and complying.

CQA (Construction Quality Assurance) Services


Any work not complying with the specifications shall be immediately brought up to the attention of the client.

CQA (Construction Quality Assurance) Services

Executive Summary

Provision of an executive summary upon completion of the project. This outlines the conformance to the Construction Quality Assurance Plan, the approved manufacturers MQA, deployment completion, conformance to relevant ASTM or GRI standards and other issues encountered during the project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – CQA

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What is CQA for geomembranes?

Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) for geomembranes refers to a systematic process of monitoring and verifying the installation and performance of geomembrane liners during construction projects. It ensures that the geomembranes meet the required specifications and standards.

Why is CQA important for geomembranes?

CQA is vital for geomembranes because it helps ensure the integrity and performance of the geo liner system. By implementing CQA measures, potential issues and defects can be identified and corrected during installation, which minimises the risk of leaks, failures or environmental contamination.

What are the key components of CQA for geomembranes?

Geomembrane CQA typically involves multiple processes, including material testing and verification, geomembrane installation oversight, seam testing and inspection, liner integrity testing, documentation and record keeping, and adherence to industry guidelines and specifications.

Who is responsible for performing geomembrane CQA?

Geomembrane CQA is typically conducted by specialised CQA personnel or third-party CQA firms with extensive experience in testing geomembrane liners. Geotest’s CQA testing team are highly experienced in all areas of geomembrane design, engineering, installation and testing. Having installed and tested millions of square metres of geomembranes, you be assured of the highest quality standards and compliance.

What are some common tests and inspections conducted during CQA for geomembranes?

Common tests and inspections during CQA for geomembranes include visual inspections, seam testing (such as destructive peel testing or non-destructive methods like air lance or vacuum testing), liner integrity testing (e.g., electrical leak detection or hydrostatic testing), thickness measurements, and documentation review.

When should CQA for geomembranes be performed?

CQA activities for geomembranes should be conducted throughout the installation process, from pre-construction preparation to post-installation verification. It is essential to implement CQA measures at each stage to address potential issues promptly and ensure compliance with project requirements.

What are the benefits of implementing CQA for geomembranes?

Implementing CQA for geomembranes offers several advantages, including early detection and correction of installation defects, improved performance and longevity of the liner system, regulatory compliance, reduced risk of leaks and failures and enhanced environmental protection.

Are there any industry standards or guidelines for the CQA of geomembranes?

Yes, several industry standards and guidelines provide guidance on CQA practices for geomembranes. These may include guidelines from organisations such as the Geosynthetic Institute (GSI), the International Association of Geosynthetic Installers (IAGI), along with any project-specific specifications determined by the engineer.

Can CQA for geomembranes be customised for specific project requirements?

Yes, geomembrane CQA can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each project. The CQA plan can be developed based on factors like project scope, design specifications, environmental considerations and regulatory requirements.

What is the role of documentation in CQA for geomembranes?

Documentation is a critical aspect of CQA for geomembranes. It includes records of material testing, installation procedures, inspection reports, test results and any deviations or corrective actions taken. Proper documentation ensures accountability, and traceability and serves as a reference for future maintenance and monitoring.