With the ever growing demand Worldwide for construction quality services in CQA and Liner Integrity Testing of geomembranes, Geotest expanded their services into the African marketplace. Geotest has undertaking projects in all states of Australia as well as Africa, Armenia and New Zealand, constantly increasing their workforce to meet client requirements.

With the success of projects in Africa, Geotest established permanent representation in South Africa, based in Johannesburg.

Geotest representatives come with experience in all aspects of CQA (Construction Quality Assurance) and Liner Integrity Surveys carried out to ASTM standards. Representatives are supported by Geotest Management and personnel who come with more than 35 years’ experience in the design and installation of geomembranes. This experience gives Geotest a complete understanding of the factory fabrication process and on-site installation issues facing fabricators, installation companies and the principal’s needs.


Electrical Leak Location Surveying – Geotest employs the latest technologies sourced from both the US and Europe to provide a world class leak detection service. Our in house R & D program ensure we remain at forefront of this technology.

ASTM D7703 – Water Lance Method

ASTM D7240 – Conductive Geomembrane Spark Test

ASTM D7953 –Arc Testing Method

ASTM D7007 – Dipole Testing

GPS Dipole Testing

Ultrasonic Testing

CQA (Construction Quality Assurance)

Geotest CQA Service goes up and beyond, providing you with CQA inspectors using rigorous processes to ensure that installations and testing is completed in accordance with environmental guideline and site specific technical specification.


Geotest’s newest development in integrity testing of liner via Ultrasonic technology has seen Geotest complete stage two of the Construction Quality Control and Ultrasonic Testing of Bituminous Liner in Mozambique. The first stage of this project covered an area of 545,000 m2 with a bituminous liner covering 262,500 m2 with stage 2 covering approximately the same area size.

As the Company continues to grow and expand, the reputation of excellence follows. Major players in the marketplace know they can rely on the service Geotest provides which is backed by experience of leaders in the Geomembrane Industry.