Geotest Consult and E-Test Spring Gully Water Treatment Facility Feed Dam

Geotest have been pleased to be associated with the delivery of Origin Brine pond “Spring Gully Pond A”

Representing Origin as a consultant and inspector to deliver the HDPE geomembrane installation. to be compliant with the specifications and to best practice. The scope of involvement by Geotest included the original evaluation of the ponds to be converted to Brine storage and the review of the materials, to

Construction Quality Control and, E- testing of the finished ponds.

Working cooperatively with the main contractor and supplying advice to the principle to circumvent problems during construction with personnel onsite has assisted in reducing the construction time and made for a smooth project

As part of the installation Geotest undertook the E-testing of each of the Layers of HDPE to confirm their integrity. A newly developed method of testing double lined HDPE systems which was not previously possible has been installed to allow future testing. Developed in house by Geotest the double lined testing system was introduced with conductive cables and highly sensitive monitoring probes to allow for future testing of the project.

The single lined ponds were tested in accordance with ASTM 7703 water lance system.

Geotest continues to work with numerous companies within the CSG industry to deliver high quality liners to the water storage facilities that are an integral part of the industry.